"Year of Wonder" by Clemency Burton - Hill
Classical bit of the week – 2019 musical challenge
CBW“, short for “Classical bit of the week“, is this year’s musical challenge, in which we’re going to enjoy one classical work each day, based on the book “Year of Wonder: Classical Music for Everyday” by Clemency Burton – Hill, which aims to serve as a starting point for delving into this genre of music.
The author is a violinist and a presenter of the “Breakfast” show on BBC Radio 3 (among many other things) and through this book she intends to “extend a hand to those who feel that the world of classical music is a party to which they haven’t been invited”, trying to answer the question “where to start?”. What I find interesting is that each proposed piece is accompanied by a short presentation of either the composer or the music itself, which puts things into context and makes it easier to understand what we’re listening to. This is a great and easy mean to discover new composers and new music, as well as pinpoint some well-known works.
So the challenge is to listen to one piece a day for the entire year and on this platform we’re going to have weekly sum-ups of the bits that I liked best, going into what made me like them and how we can further explore them.
I invite you all to embark on this journey with me and may we fall in love with hidden gems, rediscover old favourites, acquaint ourselves with brilliant composers and overall enjoy some great music!

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