This June has not been a stimulating month in terms of musical discoveries and by the looks of next week, it doesn’t seem to improve much. This week was just a bundle of generic background classical music. The only piece that raised my curiosity a bit was the prelude from 27 Pieces for Viola da Gamba by Carl Friedrich Abel, a close friend of J. C. Bach, largely unknown now for his compositions, but a renowned player of the viola da gamba in his time.

IDAGIO and Amazon for: Jakob David Rattinger (Viola da Gamba)

“27 Pieces for Viola da Gamba” by Carl Friedrich Abel || Friederike Heumann (Viola da gamba)

Disclaimer: this is not an exhaustive list of all the works curated by Clemency Burton-Hill in the book Year of wonder: classical music for every day. To enjoy the full catalogue of pieces proposed by the author along with her comments on the composers and the music itself, feel free to pick up her awesome book here (not affiliated, nor sponsored).

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