Good warriors, great sailors, explorers, berserker, Odin, Thor, Loki, a magic hammer, Norway, ship burial rites. This was basically the extent of my knowledge regarding Vikings, without any particular interest to find out more about them. Also, I knew the Normans were somehow connected with the Vikings but had no clear idea of why and how, that is until I binge watched the TV Show.… Read more

PLBC - 01 - Mrs Rosie and the Priest - Giovanni Boccaccio

Mrs Rosie and the Priest – Boccaccio | PLBC01

The first book from the Penguin’s Little Black Classics collection of 80 works includes four short stories by Giovanni Boccaccio placed in the fourteenth-century Florence. They are but a sample from “The Decameron”, where we can find 100 stories in total told by a group of people trying to kill time while they spend two weeks in isolation in a villa to avoid the Black Death.

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